Armies in 1815


Le texte et les references en anglais ci-dessous sont autant de suggestions pour constituer les armées de la campagne de Belgique en 1815.

Comme nos armées ont été peintes avant que les listes indiquées n'aient ete redigées, on espère etre utiles aussi.

Our own troops were painted long before the following lists were compiled, so we hope this one will be useful too.

On Keith McNelly's Volley and Bayonet site, you'll find other suggestions about Heroics and Ros armies for Napoleon's last campaign , check: http://homepages.paradise.net.nz/mcnelly/vb/articles/waterloo_6mm.htm)

Other articles have been written on the subject by Clive Edmonds , for Grande Armee rules, check :




Anglo-Allied army


This is an easy job . Use the existing packs without change and be careful about which units had the stove pipe or not...

The only decision to be made is about some British Hussars and KGL Hussars in shakos :
use MAN 7 Austrian Hussars and cut the plumes.


Line Infantry : French MFN 14
Light infantry : Forget the MFN 1 French line grenadiers which could be the only equivalent long ago and paint the existing MBK 1 Brunswicker riflemen . Add MAN 3 : Austrian jaegers skirmishing.
Cavalry : Hussars are French Chasseurs à cheval MFN 6,
for Lancers use Prussians MPN 5 Prussian Uhlans
Artillery : French Horse artillery figures(MFN 25)and British guns


Line infantry : MBN 1 , 22 in belgic shako (as an aside a Belgian specialist in uniformology wrote they had a soft cap, so you can use MPN 20, 21 Prussian landwehr )
Light infantry : MBN 19, 21
Militia : a mix of MBN 19, 21 and MPN 20, 21 Prussian landwehr
Cavalry : for Bremen and Verden hussars :British hussars in fur caps(MBN 10)
and, for Cumberland Hussars : MAN 7 Austrian Hussars
Artillery : MBN 26 British artillery


Infantry :
Line :
Dutch : French MFN 14 or MAN1/MAN 13 Austrian musketeers in shako
Dutch light : MAN 13
Note : Austrian figures attacking (MAN 13)are the best.
Belgian : MBN 1 ,MBN 22 in belgic shako
Belgian light : MAN 13
Militia : a mix of MBN 19, 21 in stove pipe and MPN 20, 21 Prussian landwehr
Cavalry :
Carabiniers :MFN 16 French carabiniers(2nd rgt)/MBN 27 GB Heavy Dragoons in bicorns
Hussars : French Hussars and Prussian Hussars (MFN 12 and MPN 19)
Light dragoons : MAN 7 Austrian Hussars
Artillery : British Artillery MBN 3 figures with British guns (Dutch); French guns (Belgians)

Nassau :

Line : French MFN 14,
Grenadiers of the line : MFN 34 French Voltigeurs in busbies
Landwehr : MPN1, 11 Prussian musketeers



Little problems here.All units are well covered . Just think to mix infantry figures in greatcoats with others line figures. Paint some cuirassiers without cuirasses.
The 1st Chasseurs à cheval had the King of France's army uniform and helmet : use MBN 17 British Household cavalry.

Old Guard : for 3rd and 4th Regiments of Grenadiers and Chasseurs we have mixed : line figures with shakos in greatcoats, grenadiers and chasseurs in bearskin bonnets and MFN 41 French fusiliers in bicorne. Here is a close up :


The Napoleonic Prussian range is enough for most units.
However, for some particular units :
- Mix MBN 19 infantry in stove pipes with MBN 4 Riflemen in the 21st Prussian regiment.
-Use MFN 14 for Berg and other German units in French service before (or if you prefer the Prussian shako, use MPN1, 11 instead).
- Do not forget Russian figures for ex Russo-German Legion units.
- Landwehr Cavalry : there is no figure with lance and shako today. But older gamers know that the first Prussian 6mm landwehr models had this shako. Now you have to rely on figures in czapkas only.
-The 7th Uhlans had fur busbies ; we have used French Guard Chasseurs à cheval (MFN 11) for a good part of this unit. Today,we think NCP 10 Prussian Hussars (FPW range) would be better.


A scan of 1815 soldiers :
Prussian Landwehr, 71st Glasgow Highland light infantry, French Old Guard Chasseurs



Dutch light infantry 1815