Heroics and Ros American War of Independance




French (Rochambeau's army)
-French line first rank =Prussian musketeers attacking (musket forward) (MSY 11) ; 2nd rank are Hungarian musketeers (MSY
29) (these are marching)

-French Grenadiers =MSY 6 Austrian Grenadiers

-French light infantry = MSY 17, Prussian Jaegers

British army : Redcoats and mercenaries
-British Line first rank = Prussians Musketeers attacking (MSY 11)OR Prussians musketeers firing (MSY 12) OR Austrian
musketeers (MSY 5) ; 2nd rank from Prussians musketeers marching (MSY 1)

-British Grenadiers = Prussian grenadiers Marching (MSY 2), or Attacking(MSY 13)

-Hessians = Prussian grenadiers Marching (MSY 2), or Prussian grenadiersAttacking(MSY 13) and MSY 15/MSY 16Prussian fusiliers

-Light infantry (Brunswick etc.)= MSY 17, Prussian Jaegers

-American Insurgents :
-Double lines of MSY 17, Prussian Jaegers
-Or/And :
first rank = Prussians Musketeers attacking (MSY 11) OR
Prussians musketeers firing (MSY 12) or Austrian musketeers firing (MSY 22),
2nd rank : a mix of Prussians musketeers marching (MSY 1) and Hungarian musketeers (MSY 29)

Artillery (all armies) : MSY 4 (Prussian), MSY 9 (Austrian).
For the French, even if it is not really accurate, we use Napoleonic Gribeauval guns from the Napoleonic range.

Cavalry in tricorn :

MSY 7 Austrian Dragoons pack seems the best
French light cavalry : Prussian Hussars (MSY 10)

Particular units:

Though not perfect, other ranges of H&R figures must be used here as the SYW range is far from being complete :
-Rangers = Spanish Arquebusiers (Renaissance range, MR 4)
-Scots in pants from ECW range (MECW 13 Scot Musketeers)
-British Legion or Armand's Legion : British Napoleonic dragoons in tarletons (MBN 20)
-Pulavski Legion = Napoleonic Bavarian fusiliers (MGN 1)
-American dragoons and British light cavalry from French or British Napoleonic dragoons
(MFN 19 or MBN 2),
- Scots in kilts from British Napoleonic units (MBN 5, 8, 25)
-American units in round hats = Confederate infantry firing line (MACW 21)

From top : French (1st line), Insurgents (2nd line), British troops(3rd line), Insurgents and Indians(4th line).(Indians on the left are converted Renaissance and Afghan colonials figures).