Heroics and Ros Boers

In khaki, grey, brown, or black : all these are Boers.


a) the bulk of the infantry is a mix of Confederate infantry skirmishing(MACW 6)and Confederate Cavalry dismounted in action poses (MACW 23, about 2/3 or 4/5 of the figures).

b) Add some figures from the others Confederate packs, cutting bayonets and blanket rolls(MACW 2, MACW 19, MACW 21).


Boer Artillery figures are taken from British Naval colonials in hats(Royal Navy landing party MC22).

Guns are Prussian guns from FPW Prussian artillery packs(NCP7) and British colonial guns(MC20).

Mounted Units

Mounted Boers are Confederate cavalry with guns at hand ( MACW 7).

Officers and staffs

Add mounted officers in hats or kepis from ACW packs.


Heroics and Ros Zulu wars

Zulus : MC 11 from the H&R colonial range, but young warriors and skirmishers are still missing. For skirmish troops converts some figs from the Zulu pack or use Irregular miniatures Colonial Range instead.
Natal Native Horse : MACW 7 Confederate cavalry
Frontier Light Horse : MACW 7 Confederate cavalry
Dismounted cavalry : MACW 23 Confederate


Allied troops (China 1900)

France :
French Marine infantry : GB MC5/MC7 infantry
French marine infantry in hats : MC 22Royal Navy landing party
Tirailleurs Senegalais : FPW French infantry NCF2
Foreign Legion : FPW French infantry NCF1/NCF2
Zouaves/tirailleurs : FPW zouaves NCF 10
Artillery : GB colonial artillery MC20

Germany :
Colonial infantry (helmets): GB MC5/MC7
Colonial infantry (kepis) : FPW NCP 3 German Jaegers
East German Asia Brigade : MAN 3 Austrian Napoleonic Jaegers
Artillery : GB colonial artillery MC20

Russia :
Infantry :MRN 7 Russian Napoleonic line infantry marching
Cavalry : SR5 (WWII range) Cossak cavalry

Italy :
Colonial infantry : GB MC7 Infantry marching

Infantry : MACW 23 Confederate cavalry dismounted
Cavalry : MACW 24 Confederate cavalry charging
Artillery :

Japan : ? (coming soon)

Chinese troops (1900)

Boxers Infantry :MC 16 Mahdist and MR24/MR26 (Renaissance Japan range)
Imperial Chinese artillery : MC19 Mahdist artillery
Irregular Chinese cavalry : Napoleonic Russian MRN 19 Bashkirs
Imperial Chinese regular infantry : ? (coming soon)

African troops

Herreros : MACW 23 Confederate cavalry dismounted

Work in progress :

Allied troops in China (Pekin 1900)

We are still waiting Ava Gardner...

French Infanterie coloniale


French Marines


Italian colonials


German colonials


Russian Navy


US Marines