Armée du Danemark en 1864

Danish Army List 1864

(Heroics and Ros figures)

Note :
This list is based on Bruce Weigle's ideas and our own views.
It is to be used for the supplement Bruce wrote for his "1870" ruleset.
(see the "Guests"and "links"parts of the site)



Regulars in kepis/soft caps (all regiments except one, see below):
Franco Prussian War French infantry NCF 1 / NCF 2 (for the greatcoat) and/or French Chasseurs NCF 3 (a good alternative).(N.B. : we recommend both, but the decision is up to you ; Bruce Weigle uses Chasseurs only).

Regulars in shakos (18th regiment only): although none of these are perfect, try NCP 3 Prussian Jaegers or MAN1/ MAN 13 Austrian Napoleonic infantry in shakos.

Even if the guards were not engaged, these may enter the field for"what if"scenarios :
Guards (Livgarde) : in bearskins, French Napoleonic Old Guard attacking MFN43 , or in soft cap (as above).

Cavalry :

Dragoons : NCF 6 French Dragoons (Some attention to headgear needed) or NCP 14 Bavarian Light Horse (idem)
Guard Hussars : MACW 4 Federal cavalry (not perfect, but say they are in soft caps)
In case you need the only squadron of Heavies in the Danish Guard :
Royal Horse Guard : NCP 9 Prussian Cuirassiers


ACW Gunners from MACW 5 and MACW 22 packs, with French 1870 guns (NCF 7 artillery pack) and some ACW guns
Artillery train : NCF14 French Gun teams

Generals and Staffs :

Mounted French Officers from the FPW infantry packs, and MACW 4 Federal cavalry