Heroics and Ros French and Indian Wars

In addition to MSY 34 North American Indians for Hurons, Iroquois, Mohicans and Franco-Canadian Coureurs des Bois and Trappers ( a GREAT pack), try :

French Line Infantry in two ranks :

- first rank =MMF2 French grenadiers

-second rank =MMF1 French infantry or MMB 1 British infantry(MMF and MMB packs are from Marlborough period/range).

Or :

-first rank =Prussian attacking MSY 11, or Austrian firing ,MSY 22

-second rank =Hungarian marching MSY 29)

Troupes Franches de la Marine :

- Austrian firing (MSY 22) and MSY 17, Prussian Jaegers

Canadian Militia (Quebec, Trois Rivieres, Montreal):

- MSY14 Prussian grenadiers firing (some work needed on headgear)

Great Britain Line Infantry

-British Line:

first rank = Prussians Musketeers attacking (MSY 11) OR Prussians musketeers firing (MSY 12),

2nd rank =Prussians musketeers marching (MSY 1)

-British Grenadiers = Prussian grenadiers Marching (MSY 2), or Prussian grenadiers Attacking(MSY 13)

-Scots in pants from ECW range (MECW 13 Scot Musketeers)

-Scots in kilts from British Napoleonic units (MBN 5, 8, 25)

American levies/militias:

-Skirmish lines or double lines of MSY 17, Prussian Jaegers


first rank = Prussians Musketeers attacking (MSY 11) or Prussians musketeers firing (MSY 12) or Austrian musketeers firing (MSY 22)

2nd rank = a mix of Prussians musketeers marching (MSY 1) and Hungarian musketeers (MSY 29)

Rangers :

-Spanish Arquebusiers (Renaissance range, MR 4)

French or GB Artillery : MSY 4 (Prussian), MSY 9 (Austrian), MMO1 Artillery(from Marlborough period/range).