This page is our way to thank Roger and Janet Styles for their work over the years.

Photos of our soldiers and lists/suggestions on forming "unusual" armies using 6mm Heroics and Ros/ Navwar figures are listed by period

While much of the information here is our personal work you will also find information from others on using 6mm scale figures.
We don't want to re-invent the wheel after all.
Many 6mm gamers have their own visions how with unusual armies can be formed using the existing range of figures. If you have additional ideas share them with us!

To that end any comments or list of items in any period of history will be welcome and posted if the author(s) agree.

Now, a word about our images :
some photos have been taken using a 24X36 camera while others using a digital camera, while a few are actually made using a scanner. While scanners are not an ideal tool to capture the detail of 6mm figures scanners are sometimes useful.

Final notes :
a) The army lists are not always illustrated with images. This is either because the army lists are a work in progress or there is no photo available yet.
b) Many pictures are here because we like the figures, not because they are perfect images for our armies.

Ce qui donne en Français :

Les pages qui suivent sont un hommage à Roger et Janet Styles (créateurs d'Heroics and Ros figures)pour leur travail et leur amitié au fil des ans.
Les listes d'armées et les photos suivent la chronologie des guerres.
Ces listes sont soit le plus souvent des suggestions personnelles, soit des propositions d'autres joueurs.
Si vous avez d'autres idées, n'hésitez pas à nous en faire part. On les publiera ici aussi pour servir de référence le cas échéant.
Pour finir :
a)Un mot sur les images : les photos sont de qualité très différente (24X36 sur papier, numérique...on a même scanné quelques figurines).
b) Notez que toutes les listes ne contiennent pas obligatoirement de photos.
Qui a dit que le Français n'était pas une langue concise ?

QUELQUES MOTS SUR L'ECHELLE "6mm"/6mm Scale explained : Here/Ici

/ How to use different brands in 6mm scale :



Jeanne d'Arc/Joan of Arc : Here/ici

Nos figurines 6mm /Our own 6mm figures :

Napoleonic, pirates , 1866 Italian and Austrians : Here/ici

1914 figures : Here/ici

Heroics and Ros figures à Paris,

Musée des Plans-Reliefs, aux Invalides: Here/ici


Heroics and Ros

army lists (left) and photos (right)



Renaissance 1500-1560 lists :
French, Spanish, Ottomans, Malta

Warmaster Ancients armies (photos) :
Presentation, Command stands , Touring in Greece

Macedonians vs Romans

Photos Crusades : coming soon

Renaissance : Cavalry / Infantry

Renaissance suite : Here/ici

Mass effect Renaissance : Here/ici

Guerre de Trente ans/TYW list :
Gustavus Adolphus and Wallenstein

Mass effect in Miniature Wargames magazine :
English Civil War figures

Photos : Seven Years War
Austrian, Prussian , British , French
Mass effect in 6mm p1, Mass effect in 6mm p 2
Mass effect in 6mm p 3 (British Army)
Light infantry

Canada 1755 : Forts et/and, Soldats1 , Soldats2

1792 -1799 lists : French Revolution armies

Campagne d'ITALIE/ITALIAN CAMPAIGN 1796/1797

Photos : French Revolution

Photos(Napoleonics) : Napoleon and staff ,French cavalry, French Infantry, British troops, Varia ,
Winter in Russia/Hiver1812, Tirailleurs Corses

Mass effect ; France : Here/Ici
Ottomans and Saxe : Here/Ici

  Napoleonic bases : Sabot bases for Volley and Bayonet : Infantry / Cavalry
  Stands for Age of Eagles (NF&F): photos
Alamo in 6mm scale (list and pics)
ACW list /Guerre de Secession:
1st Bull Run : coming soon


Photos ACW/guerre de Secession:
the best ACW engineers/les meilleurs sapeurs de la guerre de Secession

Photos ACW : Union / Confederate

Mass effect : ACW/1870 : Here/Ici


Wars in Europe / Guerre en Europe (1859-1870)

French and Italians1859,
Austrians/Autriche 1859 list
Danemark/Danish troops 1864 list
Guerre de 1866/1866 War list

1859 : Photos d'unités (Autriche, Italie, France)

1866 : Photos figurines

More 1866-1870 troops and staffs : Here/Ici

Photos 1870 : Chasseurs and Turcos, French Infantry , Garde Mobile

Other lists more or less exotic:
En dehors de l'Europe : Maximilian war in Mexico

Photos : Paraguayan war

Colonial : Boers, China (1900), including French colonial army,Russian army, US army, Boxers, Italian army (Japanese army coming soon)

Legion etrangere et adversaires/Foreign Legion and enemies

Photos : China 1900

Photos colonies :
Empire britannique/British Empire
Ennemis de la Reine Victoria/Queen Victoria's enemies
Empire colonial Français/French colonial troops

War in Europe 20C /Guerre en Europe 20e siècle
Russo-Polish war 1920

Spanish Civil War : conversions

Photos : WWII and Modern

GB modern paras and marines



Aircraft WWII /Avions 2e GM

Modern helicopters

Modern aircraft


Colonial wars 20 C/ Guerres coloniales 20e siècle
Indochina and Vietnam wars 1946-1975
Photos : Guerres coloniales