Heroics and Ros Maximilian war in Mexico

This list has been written by Lekw,
some of our own additions after *

French Army

French Line infantry: French infantry Franco Prussian War (NCF 1, NCF2)
French Foreign legion: French infantry Franco Prussian War and
confederate infantry in hats(NCF 1, NCF 2, MACW 6)
Artillery: A mix of British Artillery from Napoleonic period and
Franco Prussian French Artillery (MBN 26 , NCF 7)
French Sharp shooters: Napoleonic British infantry (MBN 15, MBN 19)
Algerians: Gurkas Colonial range(MC 24)
Zouaves: American Civil War Zouaves (MACW 8 AND 17), *French zouaves NCF 10
*Counter guerilla cavalry : Confederate cavalry in hats(MACW 7, 24).
*Chasseurs D' Afrique : NCF 4, and /or MBN 11 (no real equivalent here).

Austrian Legion: Very good results are obtained from Confederate infantry with close attention to headgear.(Any of MACW 2, 6, 19, 21 packs).
*Cavalry : Confederate cavalry in hats(MACW 7, 24).

Belgian legion: *French infantry Franco Prussian war : NCF 8 and NCF 9 French Guards


Maximilian's Mexican soldiers

Mexican Regiments: Confederate infantry (Any of MACW 2, 6, 19, 21 packs)
loyal Mexican cavalry : Confederate Cavalry (MACW 7, 24)
Mexican Regular army: A mix of Napoleonic British infantry(MBN 4, 19, 21), Union ACW infantry (MACW 1, 3, 18, 20), Franco Prussian War French infantry (NCF 1, 2).

Mexican Irregulars: Mix of Napoleonic British infantry and ACW Union and French infantry as above, add Confederate infantry
Mexican guerillas: Confederate infantry, and some French infantry (captured equipment).
Mexican artillery: Napoleonic British artillery (MBN 26)
Mexican cavalry: American Civil War Union and Confederate cavalry(MACW 4, 14, 7, 24)

US Intervention forces:
Mostly American civil war Americans with some confederates as well to
represent infantry in broad hats. Also several American bases of confederate infantry painted as US volunteers.

Lekw notes : This conflict provides very nice uniforms and a lot of variety. My French are both with kepis and broad hats. Some hats have been filed off for legionnaires without cover. The Mexicans are a mix and even the regulars have figures painted with white or brown shirts mixed in to represent lost equipment or lack of uniformity. The irregulars and guerillas are mixed figures and uniforms some very official most broad hats and white brown tan shirts often no shoes for guerillas. For the Austrian legion with careful painting the confederate broad hat can represent a decent if not perfect fedora.

A pic of Lekw's French troops in Mexico