Heroics and Ros Napoleonic Ottomans

To our own ideas have been added suggestions by our friend Lekw, (after : "* Other suggestion").

Infantry :

Guards and Janissaries : MR12 Polish Musketeers (Renaissance range)
*Other suggestion : American Civil War Zouaves ( MACW8),

Sebkhans : MC6 Pathan tribesmen (Colonial) and /or Dervish Infantry (MC16).

Rayas : Zouaves Skirmishing (MACW17) or MC6 Pathan tribesmen

Arabian Sebkhans with bows : MCR5 Saracen infantry (Medieval period)

Nizam i Jedid : MSY 16 Prussian fusiliers attacking (some work needed on caps).
*Other suggestion : Zouaves Skirmishing(MACW17 ).

Derbent etc : a mix of some MSY 8 Croat Grenzers and MC6 Pathan tribesmen (Colonial)

Cavalry :

Suvarileri : Bengal lancers (MC 1, Colonial, need home made round shields).or Dervish Cavalry (MC17).

Mameluks: French Napoleonic Mamelukes (MFN 24)

Sihlatar Guards : Russian Napoleonic Cossacks (MRN 6)

Yoruks : Russian Napoleonic Cossacks (MRN 6)

Djellis : French Napoleonic Mamelukes (MFN 24)

Sipahis : MSY 19 Prussian Bosniak Lancers

Tatars etc : MR 11 Renaissance Tatar cavalry,
*Other suggestion : Saracens cavalry (MCR4), Cossack Cavalry Renaissance (MR 10).

Artillery :
Dervish Artillery (MCl9) figures with a mix of French Napoleonic guns , mortars and War of the Roses guns (MWR 17).
Renaissance guns from MR 3 pack may also be used.

Some samples of Ottomans(unfinished bases)

Quelques photos des Ottomans (bases non terminées)

Suvarileri cavalry




Sipahis(left)/Sihlatar (right)

Nizzam I Jedid


Light Infantry/Infanterie légère

Greeks(left) Albanians(right)


Berber infantry/Sebkhans


Heavy Mamluks(left) and Light Guard mamluks(right)