Russo-Polish War 1920-21

by Lekw


Red infantry: A large mix of Franco Prussian war Prussian infantry in Green,
Brown and Grey (NCP 1,NCP 2, NCP 8). Colonial Gurkas painted green or brown or with white fur hats for guards (MC 24).

Red Sailors: Colonial Gurkas (MC 24)and Napoleonic Prussian Landwehr (MPN 21) painted black with white pants and black naval hats.

Cheka: Gurkas painted black to represent leather uniforms(MC 24).

Cavalry: Cossacks from WWII range(SR 5)and Napoleonic range(MRN 6). WWI British cavalry (GWBR13).

Tanks and Artillery: Available WWI and WWII range.


Infantry: Colonial Gurkas painted light gray with polish cap (MC24).

Assault companies : French WWI(GWFR11), WWII infantry(FR1, FR2).

Cavalry: Napoleonic Polish in Czapka helmets and/or Prussian Hussars(MPN 19)as well as Cossacks (SR 5, and MRN 6 as above).

Tanks and artillery , heavy weapons : all available WWI and WWII ranges.

Tanks :
Both sides used the French FT17 and built their own copies. The Machine Gun version and 37mm canon version were both used (Navwar code GWF1 and GWF2).
The Russians built a version of the Austin Putilov armored car.
Both sides used captured and bought British MKV tanks. As well as German WWI tanks but not in large numbers.
Note on tanks : Tanks at this time were slow and many on either side in bad condition. This was an infantry cavalry war with cavalry much more mobile and often more effective in battle than tanks.

Guns/ Heavy weapons :
WWI and WWII machine guns French and English as well as German and Russian would work for both sides.
Guns : it seems for artillery some favorites were German 77mm gun,
French 25mm gun and 76mm Putilov field gun.
Note on guns:
In general , many WWI guns would fit as the Russians hoarded artillery
during the war and would have captured all sorts during the civil war as
well. Same variety for the Polish with newer units of the "new model army"
being equipped with more French guns. The Polish army at this point is
described as a logistical nightmare with weapons and ammunition from France, Germany, USA, Austria and Russia so a variety would work well.

Armored trains
For armored trains : no idea yet . Perhaps the Navwar trains would be good. For transport horses would be the norm especially for the Poles (use WWI German and British colonial horses/train).