Spanish Civil War with Heroics and Ros figures

At the time these forces were organised, Irregular miniatures 6mm SCW figures were not available. Here are some pics of the two armies. Existing and home made armoured cars and trucks, converted planes/trucks have been painted too.
These armies will be re-organised on larger bases for Spearhead soon.
Nearly all are converted figures.
Moroccan soldiers have turbans. Requetes and many of the International brigades have berets. Tercio and some Republican troops have "bonnets de police"(fatigue caps).

Figures :

Republicans : they are a mix of Heroics and Ros WWII troops : German Panzergrenadiers, French 1940, British WWII, Soviet WWII . Some British 19 C. colonials have also been used and...French 1870 Imperial guard (see other page). Heavy weapons come from French, German, Rusian and British H.W. WWII packs.

Nationalists : German Panzergrenadiers and German infantry for regular infantry, Tercio and Requetes.
Moroccans are British army 19 C Indians colonials skirmishing ; H.W. figures for these Tabors are converted German/British WWII H.W. crews (see here and other page).

Cavalry : for both sides , figures are converted WWII German and Soviet cavalry.

Italians : WWII Italian range.

Trucks and tanks :

Irregular trucks from their SCW range, and mostly Heroics and Ros/Navwar French, Soviet, British and German WWII (and WWI) vehicles/tanks.


Nationalists : from left to right Requetes (Carlistes), Tercio (Spanish Foreign Legion)and Moroccans.
(OK, this pic is not very good).
International brigades
from left to right, Americans from the Lincoln Battallion in their first uniform (blue, from the war against Spain in 1898...), British brigaders in grey with their white socks, French and German volunteers.

Mixed units
from left to right : British brigaders, German brigaders,
Moroccans, Tercio and Requetes behind.

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