Republican army : Francs-Tireurs and auxiliary troops uniforms

From catholics troops (Volontaires de l'Ouest, Volontaires de Cathelineau), to Republican or even more revolutionnary soldiers (Garibaldiens and others good or average soldiers), this list will give colorful figures to winter wargames battlefields as well as a good political view of French war effort.

Key for figures:

this is a simple guide, and refers to 6mm Heroics and Ros figures : FL = French Line dress (Code H&Ros : NCF 1& NCF 2) CH = Chasseurs uniform pattern, WITHOUT "epaulettes"(code H&Ros, NCF 3) Z = Zouaves uniform (Code H&Ros, NCF 10) ACW = Union infantry with blanket roll, skirmishing (code H&Ros MACW 3)

Other suggestions for cavalry or particular troops are in the text.

About units: In( ) strength or number of battalion(=bat.) /number of companies(=cies)/ number of squadrons

Haversacks and Gaiters are black unless otherwise stated. Blankets on haversacks are white unless otherwise stated. Bands on kepis refers to the base of this headgear.

1)Armée de la Loire

Infantry :

a)Volontaires de l'Ouest (or Zouaves pontificaux, papal Zouaves) (3 infantry bat.) = CH
Officers in light/azure blue zouave jacket with gold braid on sleeves, black decoration on the jacket front, light/azure blue trousers with black seam, red sash, light blue kepi with gold band, black boots
Men in blue grey zouave vest with red braid, red cuffs, medium blue grey trousers with read seam, red sash, light blue kepi with red band, white gaiters. Before Loigny and in this battle (2 December 1870), in the 1st battalion, officers as above, men in grey zouave vest with red braid, red cuffs, grey trousers with read seam, red sash, light grey kepi with red band, white gaiters. The zouaves reverted slowly to the first uniform when the right blue grey cloth was found in Nantes.

b)Francs-Tireurs de Paris (1800 men) = CH ; all blue uniform; Officers with golden band on kepi, gold "galons"(stripes),sky blue sash. Men with white gaiters, black belts, sky blue sash.

c)Francs-Tireurs de la Sarthe (4 cies )= CH 1st uniform : all blue uniform, blue kepi with green band, pants with green bands, Officers with green parements on vests. 2nd uniform : all brown uniform, red sash, white equipment.

d)Francs-Tireurs de l'Indre et Loire (4 cies )= CH All blue uniform, dark red sash.

e) Tirailleurs Girondins (1 cie, 200 men)= CH All grey uniform, black bands on kepi and pants, white gaiters.

f)Tirailleurs de la Seine (1 cie)= FL All blue uniform, white gaiters, belts were buff.

g) Volontaires de Cathelineau (845 men, excellent unit)= troops with black HATS, uniform=CH OR H&Ros ACW Confederate cavalry dismounted skirmishing, MACW23). All black uniform, sky blue band on pants, sky blue sash, haversacks and equipment, belts= white, white gaiters.Note : all had a red "Sacré Coeur" upon white on chest (left side, of course).

h) Chasseurs garibaldiens du Havre (1 cie)=CH ; grey pants with red band, red vest , sky blue sash, red kepi with grey band.

i) Garde Mobile du Loir-et-Cher (2 infantry bat.) = CH/ACW
Officers in dark blue tunic with red collar and cuffs(no epaulettes), dark blue trousers with red band, dark blue kepi with red band .
Men in white /off white tunic, light grey trousers with red band, white kepi. Equipment in various colours. Note : the 2 battalions were part of the 75th Regiment de Mobiles, the 3rd bataillion of this regiment being a battalion of Garde Mobile du Maine et Loir.


a) Eclaireurs Algeriens à cheval (3 squadrons) :

1 squadron (150 men) in Spahis uniform (H&Ros NCF 4).

2 squadrons in Algerian white Burnous (with red band on top)and djellabas/manteaux), red boots. Horse equipment = red.

b) Eclaireurs à cheval des volontaires de l'Ouest (1 squadron)

Green vest with red cuffs, red collar, green kepi with red band, grey pants with red band, horse equipment= red. (H&Ros NCF 4).

2) Armée du Havre :

Francs-Tireurs Mocquart (3 bat., with 4 cies each, excellent troops)=CH ; Green/ dark green uniform, , light green bands on kepis/pants, red sash, brown blankets.

3)Armée des Vosges

a)Garibaldiens = CH, or others see below(8 bat)

-7 bat with the following uniform = red vest, grey pants, sky blue sash, white equipment and white gaiters, black belts, headgear is red cap (with green band), similar to the 1813 Prussian landwehr cap , but smaller...

-1 bat. of "Carabiniers génois" = CH, in red vest, green pants, white gaiters, green kepi.

b) Francs-Tireurs et Marins de Marseille(1 bat.) = CH ; blue vest, red pants, red kepi, white equipment, brown blankets.

c) Francs-Tireurs d'Oran,(1 bat. in 5 cies) = Z ; Violet uniform, with red distinctive colours in similar pattern to Zouaves/Turcos line units. Fez is red.

4) Other Units :

a) Garde nationale de Saint Quentin (1 bat.)= CH ; all black uniform, red collar, red band on black kepis.

b) Mobilisés de Seine et Marne (3 bat.)= FL ; Blue pants with red band, brown coats, blue kepis, white gaiters, white equipment.

c) Mobilisés de la Côte d'or (7 bat.)= ACW ; all uniform is royal blue, dark blue kepi, dark blue blanket roll, white equipment.